Why mybuzz

targeted promotionsmybuzz is a leader and pioneer you can trust.
We help you:

Buzz your customers at multiple touchpoints through their mobile screens, the web and their TV sets

Generate trials and repeat footfalls by making customers aware of your offer through highly targetted and focussed market ing, leading them to visit even when they were not planning to

Make marketing lean season a thing of the past by helping you create targetted campaigns that generate footfalls and queries exactly when you want them

Design your own customized marketing campaign which is created for you by your Dedicated Marketing Consultant in collaboration with our team of experts

Get maximum return on your marketing investment by utilizing our huge, highly detailed customer database, so that your message goes only to those customers who are looking out for your product or service and are ready to buy

All this is done in a cost effective manner, in a highly customized fashion, and with full accountability. In fact, with mybuzz you can track your return on investment down to the last rupee.

Compare this with traditional marketing, which is costly, difficult to focus on the correct target audience and notoriously hard to track, and you'll know why your business can't do without mybuzz.