Advertsing/Media Agency

targeted promotionsToday when increasingly, agencies are being evaluated on how they help meet clients' short term sales targets, mybuzz can help you come out with flying colours.

Using cutting edge technology and highly qualified human expertise, mybuzz helps you generate response for your client's promotions, street by street, mohalla by mohalla.

mybuzz does it through multiple platforms of mobile, web and our revolutionary geo-targeted TV campaigns.

All this is done in a highly targetted fashion, taking your client's message to only the most relevant customers. i.e. those who are actively looking for what you sell and are ready to buy.

This is thanks to our massive and highly detailed database of 35 crore mobile users, 1.6 crore web users and a television reach of 135 million TV users.

In addition, mybuzz provides you with a dedicated marketing consultant who work with you and our in-house team of experts to provide you highly effective and customized solutions for your client.

mybuzz offers complete accountability, zero wastage and the means to track campaign performance and ROI to the last rupee.

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